Scandi Furniture – Sleek and Minimal in Style

Scandi furniture is sleek and minimalist in style. It’s based on new ideas of democratic social design, where beauty and integrity lie in simplicity and function – form follows function.

Made using dreamy Mountain Ash and MDF veneer, the Larvik range from Target Furniture NZ embodies these Nordic design principles. This look can be achieved without breaking the bank, whether you are renovating or decorating your home or office.

Clean Lines

Scandi style furniture is one of the hottest trends in interior design. Its clean lines can make any room look stylish and modern, while also making the space feel more spacious. Plus, the neutral color scheme of this style is easy to work with and complements any other colors in the home.

The Resene Wallpaper Collection IUM205 is a tonal print that looks sensational with Scandinavian style furnishings. Pair it with floors in Resene Double Merino and skirting boards in Resene Rice Cake, along with ceilings painted in Resene Half Merino. Add a rug that has a similar tonal pattern, such as the Crease Wool Rug from Ferm Living, and create a warm, Scandinavian-inspired room with minimal fuss.

Natural Materials

One of the key aspects of Scandi furniture is its use of natural materials like wood. This can be a feature on the furniture itself, or it can be used as an accent. For example, the Larvik range from Target Furniture uses a combination of MDF veneer and dreamy Mountain Ash to create a sleek minimalist look.

The colour palette of Scandi furniture is typically neutral and sedate – this is in part a response to the long Nordic winters when the sun barely makes an appearance. The pale washes of colour help to maximise and reflect the little light that does make it through.

New Zealand designer Emma Hart travelled the world to source the best of Scandi style for her upcoming collection. She trawled through antique shops, flea markets and skips to find the perfect pieces for her shop, Skandi, opening in Island Bay today. She’s brought in three containers of everything from Copenhagen street lights to vintage Danish furniture – all of which have travelled 21,000 kilometres to New Zealand.


Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a Danish word defined as coziness that creates feelings of contentment and well-being. It was one of the Collins Words of the Year in 2016 and found its way into several American publications in 2017.

Danes often credit hygge with their country’s #2 ranking on the Happiness Research Institute’s list of world’s happiest countries. They also attribute it to their ability to withstand the wintry climate by hunkering down inside with cozy blankets, candles, and blazing fires.

While hygge has been linked to consumer goods like scented candles and comfy throw blankets, the Danes insist that it’s not just about buying more. Hygge is a lifestyle that emphasizes comfort and spending time with friends and family. It may include activities like playing a board game, making homemade cardamom twists or mulled wine, and reading by a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. It can also be as simple as bringing your hygge outdoors on a bicycle ride or stargazing with neighbors.

Made in New Zealand

During COVID-19’s lockdown and now as New Zealand businesses come back online it is more important than ever to shop locally. Supporting local brands is a great way to make a positive impact on New Zealand and its people. Buy Kiwi Made is an excellent option for those wanting to do their part!

Henrik ‘Henk’ Olsson’s designs are honest and border on the sculptural. His guiding philosophy is ‘nothing leaves my desk until it feels absolutely right’. His attention to detail is evident in every piece he creates.

Those looking to label their products can use the ‘New Zealand Made’ Kiwi trademark administered by Buy New Zealand Made Campaign Ltd. They can also integrate the country association into their brand like AJ Park have done by using the fern in a circle design on their car tyres or Lewis Road Creamery do with their artisan butter. Neither of these options require a licence fee as long as the business meets the required criteria and does not deceive customers.

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